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KBS Coatings
Your Home for Rust Prevention, Tank Sealers,
Clear Coats, and so much more!

KBS MAXX - 2K Top Coat

KBS MAXX is a superior performance, two-component, low VOC, low HAPs polyurethane topcoat. Specifically designed for the automotive, agricultural, fleet refinishing, marine, and heavy industrial equipment markets. +More Info

Check Out KBS at SEMA 14

Stop Rust Paint - Paint Over Rust

Our customers including Willie B and Sam Memmolo are speaking loud and clear. They believe in KBS Coatings and many of them wanted to stop by and see us and SEMA 2014 to tell us their stories of rust prevention, gas tank sealers, clear coats, cavity waxes, and so much more.

The KBS System - Rust Stops Here.

Stop Rust Paint - Paint Over Rust

There are 2 key components to Stopping Rust:

  • Proper surface PREPARATION
  • Permanent SEPARATION of water & oxygen from metal.
Stop Rust with KBS RustSeal

While RustSeal will indeed provide superior rust protection when coated directly over a minimally prepared surface, only KBS Coatings' unique 3 Step System offers the proper surface preparation and unmatched ability to Stop Rust.

This proven 3-Step System includes:

  • KBS Klean - a water-based cleaner/degreaser
  • RustBlast - a powerful, water-based, rust remover and zinc phosphate pre-primer & metal etch
  • RustSeal - a one part, ready-to-use, high-solid content, rock-hard, paint over rust coating.
Rust Prevention - KBS Coatings

+Click Here for more on the KBS 3 Step Rust Prevention System.

RustSeal allows you to paint directly over rust to coat and seal the metal surface with a super tough, flexible, non-porous barrier to permanently seal out moisture and oxygen which cause rust & corrosion.

So before investing the time and effort into your next auto restoration, industrial maintenance, or home corrosion project, remember K B S or Klean - Blast - Seal... it's your formula for success! Guaranteed!

KBS Products: Rust Prevention & Tank Sealers

RustSeal - Stop Rust Paint
KBS RustBlast - Rust Remover - Metal Etch
KBS Klean - Cleaner / Degreaser
+KBS Klean
KBS Cycle Tank Sealer Kit
+Cycle Tank Sealer Kit
Motor Coater Engine Painting Kit
+Motor Coater
Engine Paint
KBS Auto Tank Sealer Kit
+Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit
KBS All-In-One Kit
+All-In-One Chassis Kit
KBS MAXX - 2K Clear Coat
KBS Frame Coater Kit
+Frame Coater Kit

And Much More ...

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