Rust Preventive Motorcycle Frame Paint – The Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit Has Everything Needed to Remove Rust and Seal Metal Away from Moisture

RustSeal - Rust Prevention RustSeal - Rust Prevention

When restoring a motorcycle, refinishing the frame is a time-consuming process. If the frame is rusty you can count on spending additional time on preparation. Further, once prep is completed, extra care must be taken to ensure further rusting is prevented. KBS Coatings addresses this with the Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit, which is specifically engineered to be user-friendly, reduce labor time and provide a great looking, long-lasting and druable rust preventative finish.

This all-inclusive kit contains KBS Klean to clean to clean the frame, RustBlast to remove surface rust and etch the surface leaving an ideal anchor pattern for paint adhesion, RustSeal which is a rust preventative motorcycle frame paint and BlackTop which is a durable topcoat for a UV stable permanent final finish. KBS #1 Thinner is also included for those who wish to spray rather than brush the RustSeal and BlackTop. This tried and true system has customers raving. The Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit provides coverage for 12.5 square feet of surface area.

The first step of the process is to remove loose or scaly rust and/or paints and coatings with a wire brush, wire wheel or sandpaper. Next scrub the frame with KBS Klean, which provides a clean surface for your motorcycle frame paint job. KBS Klean is a powerful cleaner that deeply penetrates and removes stubborn soil from most surfaces without leaving harmful residues or emitting noxious fumes. KBS Klean is a concentrated, water-based, biodegradable formula that is an excellent alternative to flammable solvents and hazardous chemicals. KBS Klean is designed to be diluted with water and a full-strength dilution is 1-part water with 1-part KBS Klean.

The next step is application of RustBlast, a powerful rust remover, zinc phosphate pre-primer, and metal etch. RustBlast effectively dissolves rust, corrosion, metal oxides, and tarnish from most metal surfaces. It will gently etch the surface and leave a zinc phosphate coating to ensure a strong bond with any paint. RustBlast is applied full strength to a clean surface and needs to be kept wet for at least 30 minutes or more. The RustBlast step is completed by rinsing with water and letting the surface dry thoroughly even the weld spots which tend to hold water.

Now it’s time to apply RustSeal, a rust inhibitive and rust preventative paint that chemically bonds to metal, including rusted metal, to form a flexible yet rock-hard, non-porous barrier. RustSeal will not crack chip or peel. RustSeal is user-friendly and works by isolating metal from moisture and without moisture present, steel can't rust. RustSeal is formulated with fast evaporating solvents that allow the paint to cure quickly and bond to the frame which locks out water and air to avoid rust and corrosion. Slow evaporating solvents are also part of the formulation and remain longer to allow brush marks to flow out. Further, RustSeal contains additives that allow gases, created during the curing process, to escape meaning bubbles don’t form in the applied finish and compromise the appearance and integrity of the coating. RustSeal is incredibly tough and extremely resistant to abrasion and impact yet provides a smooth beautiful finish that resembles the look of a powder coat or ceramic coat. RustSeal can be applied by brush, or with a spray gun. It is recommended to thin RustSeal 5-10% with KBS #1 Thinner using a spray gun. RustSeal is always applied in thin coats and typically, two coats is enough to coat the surface with proper coverage.

The last step in the frame refinishing process is to apply BlackTop Chassis Paint. RustSeal is not intended for use as a final finish when used where the coated surface will be consistently exposed to sunlight. Repeated or prolonged exposure to direct UV light will cause cosmetic alteration to its color and sheen. BlackTop is a permanent, high-performance, moisture-cured and UV stable protective high-performance coating that’s specifically formulated to withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure and go right over RustSeal. BlackTop dries to a rock hard yet flexible coating that is incredibly durable. As with RustSeal, BlackTop has superior flow out and leveling and can be applied by brush, or by spray gun when diluted 5-10% with the included #1 Thinner.

With the Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit, you can restore a motorcycle frame with an excellent and long-lasting finish that will look great and prevent rust and corrosion. Your bike will be the talk of all of your buddies!

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RustSeal - Rust Prevention