Lawnmower Deck Rust Removal and Painting with RustSeal from KBS Coatings

This video from KBS Coatings describes the use of the KBS System Sampler and KBS Large System Sampler for removing rust from a lawn mower deck and sealing the lawn mower deck to prevent new rust from forming.

Your lawn mower is a significant investment and with proper maintenance it can work better and last longer. Grass clippings, dirt and debris can eventually abrade the paint on the underside of the deck until the metal is exposed. This can cause rust to form, which can eventually eat through the metal. Meanwhile, grass clippings that become caked on the mower deck can hold in moisture, which only makes the rust problem worse. Removing corrosion and applying KBS RustSeal rust preventative coating, is the perfect solution for not only extending the life of the mower, but providing a glossy slick surface that is more easily cleaned of grass clippings: A surface free of caked on clippings can improve the performance of the mower.

With proper maintenance your lawnmower can last many years and KBS Coatings is here to help.

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