Automotive Exhaust Paint Can Extend the Life of Your Exhaust System

Automotive Exhaust Paint

Automotive exhaust paint can be used to restyle your exhaust system as well as protect it from rust and corrosion. Taking time to apply XTC Silicone Zinc Primer and XTC (Xtreme Temperature Coating) can not only increase pride of ownership but it can preserve and extend the life of your exhaust system for years. By spending less than a hundred buck you can save many times that in the long run as it helps to avoid having to replace exhaust components.

An exhaust system isn’t very well protected and as you drive it’s sprayed with water, salt and other debris that can cause damage and rust. When your car is parked in a garage it’s constantly exposed to moisture too. Even stainless-steel exhausts aren’t 100% corrosion proof.

Spraying off your exhaust system with water regularly will remove salt and particles that can trap moisture and cause rust. But to provide true protection, your exhaust system should be sealed with a coating to shield the surfaces of the exhaust system and keep moisture and debris from damaging it. That’s where the KBS Coatings XTC rust prevention system comes in.

Automotive Exhaust Paint

The XTC rust prevention system consists of XTC (Xtreme Temperature Coating) and XTC Silicone Zinc Primer that work flawlessly together to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces exposed to high heat, high humidity, condensation and salt air. The formulation of these products ensure they can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200F. The results are permanent and look great.

The coating procedure starts with applying a basecoat of XTC Silicone Zinc Primer. Before this is done you need to be sure the surface to be primed is dry and free from old paint or coatings, dirt, oil, rust, and other contaminants. Sandblasting prepares the surface best for paint adhesion. If you don’t have access to a sandblaster, use a wire wheel, wire brush, or sand using 60-80 grit paper. This will provide a surface equivalent to that provided by sandblasting.

Now it’s time to apply the XTC Silicone Zinc Primer. XTC Silicone Zinc Primer prevents corrosion of metal surfaces, can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200° F and functions much like galvanization as it locks itself to bare metal surfaces leaving a perfect primed surface for top coating.

First, wash the surface well with KBS Klean at a 10:1 (water to KBS Klean) ratio, rinse and dry immediately and thoroughly before proceeding. Mask off areas not to be coated and protect adjacent areas with drop cloth or newspapers. For best results, apply when XTC when room temperatures are between 60-80° F. For details on XTC Silicone Zinc Primer application click HERE.

Automotive Exhaust Paint

Next comes application of XTC – Xtreme Temperature Coating. XTC is a high temperature/heat resistant automotive exhaust paint designed to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 500° F to 1500° F. XTC provides outstanding adhesion, film integrity, weathering, and thermal shock-resistance throughout this entire temperature range and is guaranteed not to burn off.

XTC will not peel, flake or chalk and is resistant to scratching or marring. XTC is available in 10 colors which allows you to do some unique styling if you wish. Like XTC Primer, XTC is available in aerosol spray can form or in containers for application by brush, roller, or spray equipment. For more information on applying XTC click HERE.

Automotive Exhaust Paint

The XTC rust prevention system is the perfect solution for restyling your exhaust system and protecting it from corrosion!

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Automotive Exhaust Paint
Automotive Exhaust Paint

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