KBS Coatings DiamondFinish Clear clear coat is user-friendly and provides a beautiful, smooth and long-lasting finish. The clear coat is perfect for beautifying, sealing and protecting a wide variety of applications. Including automotive, household, marine, powersports, sports equipment and arts and crafts.

DiamondFinish Clear is a single part formula, high-gloss moisture cured urethane clearcoat that is UV stable, durable, and extremely tough. DiamondFinish Clear provides a beautiful finish that remains permanently flexible because of its use of advanced coatings technologies. Of note, KBS has recently updated the formula of DiamondFinish Clear to give a beautiful mirror like finish and increase stability in the can.

DiamondFinish Clear is crazy tough and performs in the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking, or peeling. With minimal surface preparation, DiamondFinish Clear can be applied directly to faded gelcoats, cured basecoats, standard solid color paints, and single-part or two-part paints. It can also be applied to ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals including aluminum, alloys, brass, chrome, and copper. DiamondFinish Clear is also perfect for wood, ceramic, plastic, and other materials. Because of its superior adhesion properties, this clearcoat doesn’t have issues with delamination or peeling away from the surface.

DiamondFinish Clear is self-leveling and can be applied with a roller, conventional spray gun, or with a brush without leaving any brush marks, which are the bane for most clearcoat finishes. DiamondFinish Clear is also available in aerosol spray cans. Tougher and harder than a two-part clearcoat, DiamondFinish Clear will withstand the harshest of chemicals including fuels, solvents, battery acid, hydrochloric acid, and acetone.

DiamondFinish Clear is perfect for automotive and power sports applications such as body panels, frames, and wheels. The clearcoat can also be used to beautify and protect cylinder heads, engine blocks, brake components and even inlet manifolds, without yellowing with temperatures up to 300° Fahrenheit.

Marine applications are well served by DiamondFinish Clear. It can be used to permanently seal, protect, beautify, and restore gelcoat, as well as other boat components.

DiamondFinish Clear (DCC) is used by professionals and do-it-yourself users alike for automotive, power sports, marine, home remodeling, arts and crafts, sports, and other projects. Applications for DiamondFinish Clear are many and only limited by your imagination.

No other clearcoat has the combination of quality, beauty, user-friendliness, and durability of DiamondFinish Clear.

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