Other Uses for Truck Bed Liner

Other Uses for Truck Bed Liner

Most people think the function of polyurethane truck bed liner is just what the name implies. To coat and line the bed of a pickup truck. However, it’s not just for truck beds; there are many other uses for polyurethane truck bed liner that may surprise you.

Polyurethane Truck bed liner is a popular solution for protecting and beautifying truck beds and is available in versions that can be sprayed, rolled, and brushed on. Ease of application combined with the properties that make it great for lining truck beds also make it great solution for other applications. Many items that are likely to be damaged by impacts or the elements can be protected with the coating, and it can be applied to a variety of materials, including metal, fiberglass, and wood. Polyurethane truck bed liner can often be a more cost-effective and durable alternative to other coating solutions.

KBS Coatings offers KBS Bed Liner and KBS Bed Renu, which are tough and flexible thick black protective polyurethane coatings designed to protect against corrosion and abrasion while withstanding impacts and providing a high-grip surface. KBS Bed Liner and KBS Bed Renu provide a durable and long-lasting finish that offers excellent adhesion, UV stability, and resistance against scratches, chips, and nicks. You can see more about KBS Bed Liner Here. You can see more about KBS Bed Renu Here.

Check out this build done by Street Trucks magazine. As part of the project the bed was coated with KBS Bed Liner. It goes to show how easily it can be applied. Check out some of these other incredibly practical uses for truck bed liner.

Cars and Trucks

Along with truck beds, there are many other areas on a car or truck that can be protected with truck bed liner.

  • Metal wheel wells receive much abrasion from sand, stones, and other debris. The bed liner keeps the metal protected from these impacts and protects the metal from road salt, deterring rust.
  • Rocker panels can be protected much the same way
  • Doors, fenders, and other body panels can be protected with this tough coating. Especially helpful for protecting off road vehicles from impacts and scratches.
  • Floor pans, both on the inside of a car or truck, and on the underside, can be protected with truck bed liner
  • Truck flatbeds can be coated to provide a durable and high grip surface
  • Metal truck toolbox interiors can have bed liner applied to protect stored tools and equipment from scratching and abrasion. Also rust won’t form on the interior surfaces of metal toolboxes, which can transfer to tools.

Jeep coated with truck bed liner


  • Tractors receive much abuse and polyurethane truck bedliner can be used to protect vulnerable areas. Avoiding scratches and the need to perform refinishing maintenance.
  • Agricultural equipment can be protected against abrasion and minor impacts
  • Construction Machinery life span can be extended
  • Snowplow blades can be coated with truck bed liner to keep rust at bay


  • Boat trailers can be shielded from wear and rust causing moisture. The whole trailer can be coated. Including fenders and steps.
  • Boat hulls can be protected from abrasion and bumps and the polyurethane truck bed liner can be submerged without losing the bond.
  • Boat decks can be coated to provide a durable and high grip surface
KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner

Truck bed liner on boat hull

And More Uses

  • ATV’s and UTV’s can be undercoated. As well, UTV beds can be lined.
  • Trailer floors can be coated for a rugged, high traction surface
  • House foundation water proofing. Who would have thought?
KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner

Bedliner on ATV

There are so many other uses for truck bed liner beyond protecting truck beds. If you are looking for a tough and easy to apply coating for your application, it just may be just what you need. +KBS Bed Liner +KBS Bed Renu