KBS Bed Renu Used To Restore Bumper With Textured, Durable Finish

KBS Bed Renu is not only designed to be used as a tough, durable Bed Liner, but KBS Bed Renu is also used to restore bumpers. KBS Bed Renu gives you an incredible looking, durable, UV stable, textured finish that performs extremely well on bumpers that take abuse including off-road vehicles.

KBS Bed Renu is a tough and flexible thick black protective coating designed to coat areas where your bed-liner has worn away or needs “Renu’d”.

KBS Bed Renu is an easy-to-apply bumper paint that provides a textured, UV stable, incredible durable finish for all vehicles including off-road vehicles.

KBS Bed Renu is ideal for fender flares and running boards providing the needed UV stability along with a textured and durable finish that is easy to clean.

KBS Bed Renu protects against corrosion and abrasion while withstanding impacts and providing traction.

KBS Bed Renu features a fast cure and excellent adhesion which extends the life of your vehicle.

KBS Bed Renu is waterproof, deadens sounds and vibrations, and absorbs impacts.

KBS Bed Renu resists staining from harsh chemicals and does not crack, bubble, or peel.