Marine Paint Needs to Have Toughness, Flexibility, and Durability

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Marine environments can wreak havoc on metal and the paints they are finished with. Things like boat trailers, decks, hulls, masts, and storage lockers are susceptible to the moist and often salty conditions. Wear and tear can damage paint, exposing metal, and soon rust sets in. Without stopping rust, it causes damage that can be costly to repair or require replacement of the rusted part.

To avoid damage the metal needs to be refinished immediately with marine paint. However, rust usually sets in before the job can be completed. So, what is the best way to refinish metal that is rusted? What needs to be considered when choosing a rustproof paint for marine use?

Marine paint needs to separate air and moisture from the metal to avoid oxidation, the precursor to rust. To keep air and moisture away from metal the paint must bond strongly and be hard to avoid damage from wear and tear.

Flexibility is another important quality marine paint needs to address. Flexibility allows the paint to remain bonded to the metal if it is dented, as well as when the metal expands and contracts. Durability is critical also to reduce the frequency of the metal needing to be refinished. UV stability is a primary concern as the paint will most likely have high exposure to the sun.

To maintain an impenetrable barrier that will seal the metal away from air and moisture, marine paint ultimately must have toughness, flexibility, and durability to remain uncompromised by dings and dents to the metal, as well as the elements.

KBS Coatings RustSeal performs well as a marine paint as it has the necessary toughness, flexibility, and durability needed to maintain an air and moisture proof seal with the metal. RustSeal is a single part, moisture cured, rust preventive coating. The formulation of the RustSeal makes it wholly non-porous and impervious to air, water, sea salt and chemicals. RustSeal is for use above or below the waterline and will protect metal that is underwater or exposed to constant high humidity.

KBS Coatings' Advanced Cross-Linked Coatings Technology makes RustSeal both highly-durable and flexible. Its hardness helps to avoid damage from wear and tear, while its flexibility allows it to remain bonded to metal during expansion and contraction, or if it is dented. RustSeal will not crack, flake, or peel in marine environments. Check out THIS VIDEO demonstrating RustSeal’s durability and flexibility. RustSeal is user-friendly and can be brushed on, rolled on, or sprayed on. It flows out well and is self-leveling to provide a beautiful, smooth finish without brush marks.

To achieve the best bond of RustSeal to metal, the surface needs to be properly prepared. Corrosion and organic contaminants need to be removed so that RustSeal can deeply penetrate and permanently adhere. This includes removing dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants. The surface also needs to have a texture, or etch, that allows the RustSeal to take hold. This preparation can be achieved by sand blasting. However, blasting with plastic, bead or soda media will not provide the amount of abrasion needed for direct RustSeal application. If the metal is not being sandblasted, KBS Coatings offers KBS Klean and KBS RustBlast for proper surface preparation.

KBS Klean is a concentrated, water-based, biodegradable, and non-flammable formula that cleans the surface by removing dirt, grime, oils, lubricants, grease, waxes, scum, algae, and other contaminants. KBS Klean is applied after using 320 grit sandpaper, or a wire brush or wheel to remove any loose flakey rust. After the KBS Klean procedure is complete, it is time for KBS RustBlast.

RustBlast is a powerful rust remover, zinc phosphate pre-primer, and metal etch. RustBlast dissolves rust, corrosion, metal oxides, and tarnish from most metal surfaces. Prior use of KBS Klean is important as the cleaner the surface is, the more effective RustBlast will be. RustBlast ultimately allows RustSeal to penetrate more deeply into pores in the metal to permanently seal and protect the surface.

RustSeal is not intended for use as a final marine paint finish as long-term exposure to direct UV light will cause fading of the color and sheen. RustSeal’s guaranteed rust protective properties, however, will not degrade. To protect against unwanted cosmetic changes, RustSeal can be top coated with any opaque (solid color) paint system. A popular choice is KBS Coatings Top Coater, which is included in the KBS All-In-One Kit. This user-friendly all-inclusive kit consists of KBS Klean, RustBlast, RustSeal, KBS Top Coater and KBS #1 Thinner.

KBS Top Coater is a single part, high solids paint that does not run or sag, and gives at least twice the coverage of conventional single part marine paint. Like RustSeal, KBS Top Coater can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on. Its self-leveling properties allow it flow out well, not show brush marks and provide professional looking results. KBS Top Coater is available in 16 colors.

Marine environments can wreak havoc on metal and the marine paint it is finished with. KBS Coatings provides a solution to avoid rust with a tough, long lasting and durable barrier, while providing a beautiful and professional appearing finish.

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