DiamondFinish Clear Is The Clear Coat To Add The Bling To Your Custom Artwork

You have created your custom fishing lure and what to protect it and add Bling. Look no further than DiamondFinish Clear Coat to protect your fishing lure and provide the Bling.

DiamondFinish Clear Coat is an extremely long lasting, moisture cured clear coat. DiamondFinish Clear adds depth, body, and a rich gloss to your fishing lures.

Guaranteed to never yellow or crack, DiamondFinish Clear Coat can also be used over metal, plastic, and wood as a crystal-clear seal coat.

DiamondFinish Clear Coat is ideal for suspending glitter in your finishes.

DiamondFinish Clear Coat is highly durable due to its high solids content, but at the same time will always remain highly flexible because of advanced coatings technology.

DiamondFinish Clear Coat can be applied by brush, spray gun, or by dipping.

Get some DiamondFinish Clear Coat for your fishing lures today and take your artwork to the next level!

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