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Strip - Paint Remover / Stripper

review 22 Reviews +See Reviews
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Strip - Paint Remover / Stripper

Our aircraft strength paint remover sprays as a semi gel coat for fast and easy coverage. This results in an even, unbroken film which seals and allows deep penetration through multiple layers of paint. Due to it’s semi gel state, Strip will cling to vertical surfaces with minimal run or sag, while offering low-odor technology. Try some today and see why our customers call KBS Strip "...the best stripper I've ever used"!

Quart - $18.95  |  Gallon - $44.95

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Part #: 19
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*Quarts & Gallons include Chemical Resistant Bottle and Sprayer.

KBS Strip Overview

KBS Strip is a heavy-duty paint, stain & varnish remover developed for use on wood, metal & masonry surfaces. This penetrating semi-gel formula clings to vertical surfaces like magic & removes even your toughest finishes fast & easy!

The spray bottle applicator promotes even sealing coverage & deep penetrating power for removing stubborn layers of finishes even in hard to reach places!

Another advantage of Strip is that it contains an evaporation sealant which drastically lowers the amount of odor. Strip can be easily washed off with water or solvent without leaving a residue.

KBS Strip Removes

KBS Strip - Paint Stripper

Lead-based paints • Polyurethanes
Lacquers • Shellacs • Marine Finishes
Tile & Carpet Adhesives • Epoxies
Latex • Stains • Varnishes • Acrylics
Gas Tank Coatings
Most Any Finish ...

KBS Strip Advantages

  • Gels when sprayed – clings to vertical surfaces
  • Very low odor – contains evaporation sealant
  • Will not raise wood grain or harm patina
  • Safe for all woods and metals – leaves no residue


Furniture • Woodwork • Machinery • Masonry Antiques • Floors • Cars & Boats • Graffiti • OEM Finishes • Cars Bodies & Frames • Fuel Tanks • Floors

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Questions and Answers
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Q: Will this product remove powder coat finishes?

Asked by:  - 12/23/2014

A: Yes, KBS Strip will remove powder coatings.

Was this answer helpful?   14 of 15 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: Will this remove undercoating from a 1961 ford unibody frame?

Asked by:  - 12/1/2014

A: Yes, the KBS Strip should have no problem removing the coating from the underbody of your frame.

Was this answer helpful?   7 of 8 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: can you use the stripper on bumper covers for cars without it harming the plastic?

Asked by:  - 6/11/2015

A: Because of the aggressive nature of KBS Strip, we do not recommend getting KBS Strip on plastic.

Was this answer helpful?   5 of 8 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Customer Reviews - Others Say It Best +See All Reviews
review 22 Total Reviews Sorting:
Rating Fantastic
You can't go wrong with this
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Centerville Utah. - 8/25/2016
Rating great product
worked quicker than Dad's and gave a better result. Impressive
Reviewed by:  from Hallandale Beach FL. - 5/20/2016
Rating i would buy this product again
it works like advertised. But one must follow the instructions.It took me 2 tries to do a 3.2 gal H-D sportster gas tank that was factory sealed.
Reviewed by:  from mukwonago,Wisconsin. - 11/29/2015
Rating Under coat remover
Haven't used yet. Didn't realize you needed 60 degrees when ordered. Will try when it warms up in the spring.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Luna,New Mexico ( 7500 feet). - 2/2/2015
Rating Works great
Good product for the money
Reviewed by:  from Missouri. - 9/22/2014
Rating Purchased one gallon, then 2 more!
Used this off a recommendation from another user. Glad I did! With all the paint strippers out there I wasn't sure what to use. The KBS paint stripper took 6 layers of primer an paint off a 1957 Chevy. It works! Spray it on and it will loosen the first few coats, scrap them down then spray it again and it will take off the next few. In the end my sanding was minimal and the car was down to bare metal! Just make sure to follow directions and use proper protection. It will burn a bit if you get it on your skin.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CT. - 9/20/2014
Rating Does the job.
I bought the product at a car show, was told how good it was, well it was. BUT do wear gloves, googles , and pants. I was told it was hot and it was. But rinse quickly, and it was gone. Great product, now I want to try the other products. Just need stocking dealers
Reviewed by:  from Beavercreek,Ohio. - 6/4/2014
Rating Satisfied
Works pretty well, but I cannot recommend it for a DIY guy like myself. I had a difficult time cleaning up and now I have a pretty toxic brew in my garage. The spray bottle is fairly cheap and more than once dribbled the stuff onto my glove, ruining it. A better spray bottle, or one with hand guard of some sort would be better. A disposable plastic paint remover would have been a nice addition.
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. - 10/2/2013
Rating Followed directions - but not completely
Used after a failed attempt at using the Tank Sealant. Some of that was hanging of so I was advised to strip it.... but it very difficult in a car fuel tank to ensure that all of the previously applied coating is removed. Even after stripping, some of the original sealant could be seen through the level sensor hole. Not completely confident that the process has worked - but much filling with water and draining seem to at least ensured that no more large pieces will come out! Installation of a fuel filter is my next priority!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Sarasota, Florida. - 6/25/2012
Rating '70s era fuel tank sealer removed.
The Previous Owner sealed a pin hole in the fuel tank with at least a half gallon of sealer. The new E10 gasoline has been slowly loosening and removing the sealer for the last several years thereby clogging the fuel filter about every 200 miles. The KBS Stripper removed 95+% of the coating in one hour. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  from Port Deposit, MD. - 5/25/2012
Review Strip - Paint Remover / Stripper
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