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Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit

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Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit

This complete Motorcycle Frame Paint Kit takes our popular System Sampler Kit to the next level. In addition to the complete KBS 3-Step System, this kit includes 8oz of BlackTop topcoat for a permanent final finish on your bike frame which withstands dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

Part #: 510
RustSeal Color: 
BlackTop Color: 

Usually Ships Same Business Day.+More Info

Need a Larger Kit? Our All-In-One Chassis Coater Kit contains a enough to do a 50 sq.ft. area. +Go HERE for the All-In-One Chassis Coater Kit.











*Click on an image for a larger view.

*Click HERE for more information on which color of RustSeal you should use.

Motorcycle Frame Kit Overview

This complete kit takes our popular System Sampler Kit to the next level. In addition to the complete KBS 3-Step System, this kit includes 8oz of BlackTop topcoat for a permanent final finish on your bike which withstands dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

  • KBS Klean - An Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser.
  • RustBlast - A Rust Remover & Zinc Phosphate Metal Prep.
  • RustSeal - A Non Porous Waterproof, Rust Preventive Sealer. Available in your choice of 10 colors.
  • BlackTop - A Superior Topcoat With Unbeatable UV Protection & Flexibility. Available in Gloss Black or OEM Satin Black.
  • #1 Thinner – Use to Thin Spray Applications and for Clean Up.
  • Brushes, Gloves, Stir Stick & Instructions - The Intangibles Needed For Every Project.
  • Will cover 12.5 sq. ft. - 2 Coats of RustSeal, 1 Coat of BlackTop.

Motorcycle Frame Kit Features

  • High surface tolerance for many different types of applications
  • Apply directly over treated rust
  • Single component formula
  • High solids content
  • Widest array of (10) non-porous color formulas
  • Combines with atmospheric moisture to cure
  • Excellent surface penetration and adhesion
  • Forms permanent non-porous barrier against moisture and oxygen
  • Waterproof coating strengthened by repeated exposure to moisture
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • High abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Repels fuels, oils, most acids & alkalis, and graffiti
  • Will not crack, flake or peel
  • Withstands temps up to 600°F (316°C)
  • Brush, roll or spray application
  • Superior flow and leveling
  • Flexible coating allowing expansion and contraction
  • Compatible with all paint systems
  • Moderate UV stability
  • VOC compliant
  • Lead-Free

Motorcycle Frame Kit Contents

  • KBS Klean - 8oz.
  • RustBlast - 8oz.
  • RustSeal (any color) - 8oz.
  • BlackTop (either color) - 8oz.
  • #1 Thinner - 8oz.
  • Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Two Brushes & Stir Sticks
  • Complete & Detailed Instructions

Enough to cover 12.5 sq.ft! (2 Coats of RustSeal, 1 Coat of BlackTop)

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Customer Reviews - Others Say It Best +See All Reviews
review 9 Total Reviews Sorting:
Rating A good product, but complicated process.
I refinished the frame on an old Harley Sportster and it took a while for me to wrap my head around scheduling the application. Conflicting statements in the instructions caused confusion as to how long to allow between the final RustBlast coat and first BlackTop coat. KBS helpdesk pointed me to the documentation that states To topcoat freshly coated RustSeal surfaces (up to 24 hours after RustSeal has cured to the touch) using BlackTop, apply a single coat of BlackTop to a clean surface as no other prep is required.. Ultimately, I wish I had waited longer and sanded/prep'd again between products. The self-leveling isn't perfect and, while up-right (vertical) tubes look good, the horizontal frame tubes and brackets didn't level out as well as I had hoped, and the problem exacerbated with each consecutive coat. While I like the product and would consider using it again, I think more practice and prior experience is necessary to get a nice, even finish.
Reviewed by:  from New England. - 12/26/2014
Rating Great paint, not enough for the job
I applied the paint using a spray gun and it covered real well. However, the blacktop didn't make it though the full job. I painted the frame, center stand, kickstand, and direct drive. I ended up ordering more to finish the job. The blacktop was just enough for one coat of the frame only I I feel that two coats were required. If I painted the frame with a brush it may have made it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Toano, VA. - 8/17/2014
Rating Great product
I used rustseal and top coat on a motorcycle frame that was in bad shape. The product was great except I didn't have enough of it to coat the entire frame including the swing arm.
Reviewed by:  from Woodtock, GA. - 2/25/2014
Rating Motorcycle Frame Kit
All in one kit was easy to use. Provided all neccessary prepainting products. I applied the rust stop by brush. Went on fairly easy but took a bit of time. The brushes provided fell apart fairly quickly so better to use some better quality brushes if painting by hand. Also if using a brush do not put the paint in a plastic cup/container for it will eat through the plastic. Provided paint was more than enough to cover a bike frame. Used a spray gun for the top coat, went on great. Overall a great product. Finish looks professional.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Auburn Al. - 11/22/2013
Rating So far just ok
My motorcycle was in need of new paint after several years of daily use. This is my experience painting my 1980 Kawasaki KZ250 commuter motorcycle: The included paint remover removed 90% of the paint, but was a hassle in the end since it required several coatings to remove the paint completely. Sandblasting the frame would be much quicker! The included paintbrushes were a nice touch, but they are of such low quality it would be better not using them. On my first coat of RustSeal, the finish had several broken bristles embedded in the paint and were a complete pain to remove. I just threw away the brushes and used a better brush for the next coats. Only one glove was included. Three would have been a better number, since the paint stripper is pretty messy with the included spray bottle. The RustSeal coating isn't powder coat smooth (not that I expected it to be), but it also didn't completely remove the brush strokes either. The end result isn't awful, but cosmetically it isn't pretty. Painting the BlackTop over the black RustSeal was also problematic since they are both black and have a very similar reflective finish! I did my best to cover all of the frame, but I do have lingering doubts that I got 100%, since it is nearly impossible to tell which areas have gotten the topcoat and which areas are just RustSeal. It would have been better, perhaps, if the RustSeal was a different color. Out of curiosity, I struck a part of the frame with a wrench and the RustSeal chipped off. I hope that I don't have to repaint this thing in two years because of chips from rocks and sand. In the end, I am pretty happy I didn't spend much money on frame, but the time involved in prep and painting makes other methods look very attractive. Not to mention that cosmetically, painting doesn't look that great. I hope it was worth the time! * this review reflects my experience with a paintbrush. i'm very curious to see this product with a spray gun, maybe it would be much better?
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. - 10/2/2013
Rating Not bad
After reading the other reviews I had high expectations for this product. For $50 it sure beat sending my bike frame out to a powdercoater for $200-300. Having finished up that project I'm not sure it was worth the effort and if the extra money for powder wouldn't have been the wiser choice. The product was easy to use. After sandblasting it was as easy as open the cans of KBS product, stir, and apply, but the results leave my feeling like I won't try any more frame sealing any time soon. Brush marks and air debris have left a pretty rough looking finish. It's not horrible, but merely livable, I hope it at least proves itself durable cause I really would hate having to disassemble the whole bike again to fix it.
Reviewed by:  from Washington, MI. - 9/13/2013
Rating Good Stuff!
I used the KBS 3-Step System to preserve the frame on my 1988 Airstream Travel Trailer. The instructions were clear on how to apply and in a few hours, spread over a couple of days, I had a beautifully preserved RV frame.
Reviewed by:  from San Jose, CA. - 9/26/2012
Rating easy on and great finish
Used this to spruce up an old motorcycle. Applied with a brush and it leveled out clean, looks like powder coat!
Reviewed by:  from Bemidji, MN. - 7/25/2012
Rating Looks Like Liquid Glass
I used this kit on my 2005 Husaberg FE 650. Took my time doing all of the steps. Looks like liquid glass. I was completely amazed at how well the brush marks flow out. It looks like I sprayed. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by:  from Springfield, IL. - 4/3/2012
Review Motorcycle Frame Coater Kit
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