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RustBlast is a Powerful Rust Remover - Keep Surface Wet

DiamondFinish Clear on Fishing Lure

Keep Surface Wet and Then Rinse With Water

This tip for RustBlast is a simple one but just as easily misunderstood. As a powerful rust remover and acid etch, RustBlast will only etch metal and dissolve rust while it remains damp. By letting RustBlast dry before reapplying you might allow an excessive amount of zinc phosphate to build up.

If RustBlast isn't rinsed off (RustBlast should always be rinsed at the end) this excess zinc phosphate can create a barrier that could keep RustSeal from adhering property.

By making sure that you both reapply RustBlast while wet, and rinse RustBlast off when done, you ensure that RustBlast will do the premium job that it's designed to do.

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Seal Your Lawnmower Deck To Prevent Grass From Sticking

Remember Your Lawnmowers!

As you are pulling out your lawnmowers and getting them ready for spring, remember that RustSeal on the underside of the deck will prevent rust and the slick surface provided by the RustSeal will prevent grass from sticking to the deck and clogging up the discharge.

Pick a glossy finish like Gloss Black RustSeal for the slickest surface and watch the grass fall right off and not clog up your mower. Because the underside of most mower decks is coarse, we always apply at least 3 thin coats for this application.

+Go HERE to order the System Sampler which contains everything you need to clean, prep, & apply two coats of RustSeal on up to a 12.5 square foot area.

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Apply RustSeal In Thin Coats


Remember that RustSeal should be applied in THIN coats. Applying too heavily, will cause running and/or sagging on vertical surfaces, and possible bubbling on horizontal surfaces. As RustSeal cures, it releases a small amount of carbon dioxide. If allowed to "puddle", the top of the RustSeal directly exposed to the ambient humidity in the air (the actual catalyst for RustSeal) will begin to "skin" over. This "skinning over" is much like that of chocolate pudding and blocks the release of the afore mentioned carbon dioxide causing bubbles. By applying thin coats, this film cures through and through all at once.


RustSeal Fix-It Guide: This guide helps you quickly identify the causes of and the recommended solutions for the most common issues that could occur for RustSeal.

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Tip of the Month – Tank Sealer


Over the years, one of the BEST TIPS that we can give to people who are sealing a tank is to BE PATIENT. Proper prep and sealing IS NOT a lunch hour project. The KBS 3 Step System works perfectly if the Instructions are followed which includes:

  • Be Patient and allow the KBS Klean the time to thoroughly dissolve all the oily fuel residues before rinsing.
  • Be Patient and allow the RustBlast to soak and disintegrate the rust in your tank before rinsing.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the tank interior to dry completely as the tank can NEVER be too dry!
  • Be Patient and allow the tank to cool to room temperature before applying the sealer.
  • Be Patient when sloshing the sealer around to insure complete coverage.
  • Be Patient when draining any & all excess sealer from the tank.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the sealer to cure.
Click HERE for Detailed Tank Sealer Instructions.
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