KBS Coatings was founded in the heartland of America by key personnel having collectively over 85 years of experience in material science formulation, manufacturing and distribution of coatings all around the world.

KBS Coatings growing success comes from its commitment to research, ability to evolve and innovate, high tech manufacturing and its revolutionary rust stopping products. The addition of never seen before colors of Safety Blue, Off-White, Oxide Red, Cat Yellow, Galvanized Steel and Green to our RustSeal paint pallete has led to the most advanced non-porous coating technology break-through others have yet to achieve.

Outstanding products and permanent results have placed KBS Coatings at the forefront of Rust Prevention Products, Gas Tank Sealers, Clear Coat Paints, Extreme Temperature Coatings and much more for literally thousands of different types of applications.

Our mission at KBS is simple --- make it even better! Our promise to you is that our exclusive KBS product line will always keep pace with the latest technology and offer our customers revolutionary choices with uncompromised quality.

Our Guarantee To You!

We’ve raised the bar when it comes to rust repair and protection and we stand behind these coatings 100%! Quite simply, if one follows application instructions and applies proper total dry film mil thickness, and you don’t believe our products perform just as well if not better than the products you are currently using, we will refund your product purchase or put a credit on your KBS Coatings account if you purchased from a KBS Reseller.

For unmatched quality and competitive prices, look for KBS Coatings. Anything less would be a compromise!

The KBS Coatings Pledge

  • To deliver an exclusive KBS product line which keeps pace with the latest technology and offers KBS customers revolutionary choices and uncompromised quality.
  • To value and preserve KBS customer satisfaction by manufacturing and selling a superior KBS product line which features no-hassle money-back guarantees.
  • To offer fair and competitive KBS pricing nation wide.
  • To deliver unmatched KBS customer service and superior technical support.
  • To uphold and safeguard ethical business standards and practices in all relationships with KBS distributors, retailers, employees, suppliers and customers.