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Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit

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Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit

The Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit contains everything you need to clean, prep & permanently seal up to 25 gallon tank. Detailed instructions included. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Part #: 53000-S
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KBS Tank Sealer

The KBS Fuel Tank Sealer Kit contains everything you need to seal a tank of up to 25 gallons.

Gold Standard Fuel Tank Sealer is a superior, single-component, ready-to-use fuel tank sealer.

Gold Standard Fuel Tank Sealer is specifically formulated to stop rust and corrosion by forming a tough, fuel impervious coating while simultaneously sealing small pinholes and weld seams.

This kit contains our KBS Klean (a water-based, heavy-duty, cleaner/degreaser) and RustBlast (a powerful rust remover/metal etch) to obtain a permanently sealed, rust-free fuel tank. These KBS prep products are formulated to extend storage times by leaving a zinc phosphate film.


KBS Tank Sealer
  • KBS Klean - 2 Quarts (1/2 Gallon)
  • RustBlast - Quart
  • Tank Sealer - Quart
  • Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Stir Stick
  • Detailed Instructions


KBS Tank Sealer
  • Silver metallic permanent coating
  • Eliminates all rust and corrosion
  • Impervious to all fuels, alcohol additives and most solvents
  • Permanently seals pinholes and weld seams
  • Flexible to expand and contract
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Contains no Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)


steel, aluminum & fiberglass fuel tanks • oil tanks • utility tanks • non-potable water tanks • diesel tanks

Instructional Videos

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Questions and Answers
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Q: Will this kit work on a diesel tank?

Asked by:  - 8/31/2013

A: Yes, the KBS 3 Step Tank Sealing steps is used on Diesel Tanks all of the time. The Gold Standard Tank Sealer is completely impervious to diesel fuel.

Was this answer helpful?   46 of 50 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: Will this Tank Sealer Kit work on a small water tank used for a steam engine?

Asked by:  - 12/5/2013

A: Yes, the Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit will work on a tank 25 gallons or less that holds water used for a steam engine.

Was this answer helpful?   17 of 19 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: Will this product work on a fiberglass tank?

Asked by:  - 1/24/2014

A: Yes, the Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit will work on fiberglass tanks. Be sure to check out the section on fiberglass tanks in our Tank Sealer directions found HERE.

Was this answer helpful?   11 of 15 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: Can I use this on a Bio-Diesel fuel tank?

Asked by:  - 4/16/2014

A: Yes, the Tank Sealer is impervious to bio-diesel fuel.

Was this answer helpful?   11 of 11 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Q: I have a pickup with a 60 gallon steel auxiliary fuel tank for gasoline. Do you offer a kit for something of this size? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by:  - 4/30/2014

A: For a tank that size, we would recommend:

(1) Gallon of KBS Klean

(1) Gallon of RustBlast

(1) Gallon of Tank Sealer

You can also find out what to order based on your tank size on this Handy Chart.

Was this answer helpful?   10 of 11 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.

Customer Reviews - Others Say It Best +See All Reviews
review 316 Total Reviews Sorting:
Rating That the product works
Great product. Has done just what is said it would.
Reviewed by:  from Battle Creek Michigan. - 4/2/2018
Rating Best Product Around
Product is best around! Done old sports cars and old tractors. Never a problem
Reviewed by:  from York. PA. - 1/25/2018
Rating Great Product
Easy,effective product. Cleaned and sealed a Triumph TR6 gas tank that had stale gas in it for 15 years! Cleaner and rust remover worked extreamely well. Sealer was easy, but time comsuming to apply correctly. Only time will tell how the sealer holds up
Reviewed by:  from Wilmington. - 10/3/2017
Rating Fuel Tank Miracle
I used this product on a tank that sat for 10 plus years with a full tank. Unfortunantly this was tar in the tank when I aquired the vehicle, bent almost every push rod. I pulled the tank and found it to be in the worst condition possable. I researched online and found the KBS coating kit for fuel tanks although I was skeptical I bought anyways.I followed the directions and added plenty of days in between the processes to allow for rust/debree removal, metal etching and the final coat with no possabilty of water interference. I also used a very high pressure washer after the acid step was finished. To my complete suprise it worked My daughter uses this car as a daily driver and KBS is a major contributer to that fact. The fuel tank looks completly brand new I am absolutely impressed with this product and fully intend to use this product again and again!
Reviewed by:  from Kelseyville, Ca.. - 5/7/2017
Rating Awesome product!
Easy to use, very durable, dries hard and smooth. Would definitely use again.
Reviewed by:  from Everett, PA. - 4/20/2017
Rating tank liner kit
outstanding.product.i'm a repeat customer.lined the tank on my honda atc250.a few years back.still looks new.this time around.it's,my moped.thanks for the help.
Reviewed by:  from clovis,ca. - 3/24/2017
Rating Great tank liner
Excellent tank liner. Great product with easy instructions
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles CA. - 3/16/2017
Rating Great Product
Bought new fuel tank for 96 Blazer. Thought I would get ahead of the game and coat the new tank inside and out and 3 coats of paint. I expect the tank to outlast the truck. When it comes to making my vehicles last, there's no such thing as overkill.
Reviewed by:  from Veedersburg, IN. - 3/16/2017
Rating Awesome Product
I used the product in an automotive application
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. - 1/21/2017
Rating I would buy JUST the sealer again if I could.
Gas tank sealer. Didn't want or need the other products.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Shepherdstown, WV. - 12/27/2016
Review Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit
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