KBS BackBone Reinforcing Mesh is a soft, thin, flexible, reinforcing fiberglass cloth with amazing strength and holding power. Each packet contains 1 square yard of BackBone which is specifically designed to bridge small gaps, reinforce weakened areas, and repair pinholes. Apply BackBone to metal, wood or fiberglass using RustSeal instead of fiberglass resin for unmatched protection and coverage. Your repair will stand up like a champion!

Always wear protective gloves when handling this product and wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling any loose fibers. Use scissors or razor blade to cut desired size.


Use KBS BackBone Reinforcing Mesh to repair pinholes, reinforce weakened areas or bridge small gaps that are too large to be plugged by RustSeal alone.


The surface to be repaired must first be cleaned and prepped with KBS Klean and RustBlast and allowed to completely dry.

Precut a piece(s) of BackBone (slightly larger than the area that is being repaired).

Proceed by applying a thin layer (2mils) of RustSeal on and around the weakened area(s).

Embed the precut mesh directly into the wet RustSeal by dabbing it with your brush to ensure complete contact of the mesh into the RustSeal.

NOTE: If the hole is over 1” in diameter, cover the hole from the underside with duct tape to prevent BackBone from sagging as it dries. The duct tape can then be easily removed after drying.

After allowing the RustSeal and mesh to tack up slightly, re-apply another thin coat (2ml) of RustSeal painting outward from the center. Do not allow RustSeal to pool or puddle. Excess accumulation of RustSeal will produce bubbling and result in improper adhesion.

Let cure for at least 4-5 hours.