RustBlast is a Powerful Rust Remover - Keep Surface Wet

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Keep Surface Wet and Then Rinse With Water

This tip for RustBlast is a simple one but just as easily misunderstood. As a powerful rust remover and acid etch, RustBlast will only etch metal and dissolve rust while it remains damp. By letting RustBlast dry before reapplying you might allow an excessive amount of zinc phosphate to build up.

If RustBlast isn't rinsed off (RustBlast should always be rinsed at the end) this excess zinc phosphate can create a barrier that could keep RustSeal from adhering property.

By making sure that you both reapply RustBlast while wet, and rinse RustBlast off when done, you ensure that RustBlast will do the premium job that it's designed to do.

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