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Cavity Coater - Cavity Wax and Corrosion Inhibiting Coating

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Cavity Coater is the Perfect Solution for hard to reach areas that are prone to rusting! Cavity Coater is a single step, super-penetrating corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC) designed for long term protection on all metal surfaces. KBS Cavity Coater provides a self healing film which provides insane rust protection on hard to reach areas.

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Everything you need to get started and try out our complete KBS system stopping rust from the inside out! A full 1/2 pint of RustSeal will cover an approx. 12 sq. ft. area with 2 coats and the Cavity Coater and Wand will seal up to 125 sq. ft. Experience the quality & durability for yourself. Our complete system in one package!

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