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Customer Photos

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Chris says ..

Stop Rust - Chassis Paint
+click for larger image

"KBS is just like 'a competitor' and bit more affordable and i just simply found it easy to use...ill post my recent pics in a bit...

i hardly ever endorse any products but this stuff is just as good if not better and their customer service is excellent as automated as it may be.

i have done several parts on a currecnt restoration with good results. its noty a complicated product and you dont even have to know how to paint to use it. as long as you can paint with a brush you can apply this successfully and it flows out to a nice finisih.

sandblasted them clean in my blast cabinet..paint is pretty thick and cant even tell its brushed on..compareable to powdercoating id say...."
- slo on chevytalk.org

Read his Entire Thread here: www.chevytalk.org

Chris says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"I have used another product called KBS Coatings. Same as other Stop Rust Paints but much cheaper. I did two coats on the underbody and used not even a quart. I wasn`t to sure about using it as I couldnt find anyone who had used it here but now I have tried it I want to paint everything with it." - Chris

Charles G. from Ridgeley, WV says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"This is after many hours of wire brushing and sand blasting, and KBS Paint. As you can see everything underneath is being painted with KBS RustSeal. I think your product is great and have given it the hammer test myself."

Glenn B. says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"Finished my fuel tank this past weekend and all went well. I had first started with cleaning the tank and welding a few holes up in my 44 gallon aluminum tank. I do have to say that this all took a matter of weeks to complete because of proper drying and work schedule. The process was very straight forward. I couldn't believe how well the Gold Standard coated the inside of the tank with multiple baffles in the tank. I then painted the exterior with gloss black. This being in the hull of my boat never to be seen by sun again but it sure looks good. Thanks for such a great product!"

Ray W. says..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"Yes I did have the chance to use your rust seal! And I have to admit it is a bit better than the other two leading sellers. It was a hot day and humid too, since I'm in texas, and it went on nice but didn't tack up for over an hour. But within two hours it was a really nice finish and really secured the little rust area's very nicely!

I will be ordering another gallon within the next month or so when I go to finish the floors on my camaro. I have attached a photo or two for you.

Great product! Best yet!"

JavaTree on Jeepforum.com says ..

Stop Rust - Paint For Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust - Paint Over Rust
+click for larger image

"I wire wheeled the entire tub, used the three stage Chassis kit Chassis Paint Kit - KBS All-In-One Chassis Kit - KBS Coatings - prewash, metal prep, then applied paint with a brush/roller,..

I painted the chassis, tub (inside & out), fenders, hood, bumpers and windshield frame..

The main thing with this type of paint is to do ALL of the prep work, however painstaking it may be, and READ the instructions twice before starting. (That advice is for any of the rust preventive sealer paints.)"

Read his Entire Post here: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f8/rust-control-has-anyone-used-product-line-860181

Mike J. says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"Frame Coater Kit was just the right amount for two coats top and bottom of tub on a 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser restoration. Great product; easy to use and self leveling characteristic makes it look like I knew what I was doing!"

Brian O. says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"I think your product is great!"

Phil V. says ..

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

Stop Rust
+click for larger image

"Your product preformed as advertised and the starter kit provided more than enough paint to treat the outside of a fuel tank with two coats. I would definitely use the product again."

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