To achieve expert results, please take the time to carefully read and understand the following directions before you begin your project. These directions are meant to be general guidelines only and do not cover every application or environmental situation. If you have remaining questions or concerns, please contact us for technical assistance.

ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES AND SAFETY GLASSES. ALWAYS WORK IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA. Please heed all labeled warning and caution notices on all products.


Theoretical coverage of DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is 35 sq. ft. single coat coverage. Material losses during application will vary and must be taken into consideration. Expect up to 50% less coverage on bare wood, rough, or sandblasted surfaces.

Surface Preparation:

Apply DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol to clean and dry surfaces. Use KBS Klean to effectively remove all surface contaminants. (Avoid solvent-based cleaners and tack clothes which leave invisible residues that can affect the adhesion of DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol.) When needed, lightly sand/scuff with 320 grit paper then clean and dry surface before applying DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol.

IF APPLYING DIAMONDFINISH CLEAR AEROSOL OVER ANOTHER AEROSOL PAINT: It is always best to wait at least 3 days and then first test the cured aerosol paint by scuffing it a bit with sandpaper. If the aerosol paint gums up, wait longer before applying DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol. As always, test a small section for wrinkling.

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DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol Application:

FOR BEST END RESULTS. Apply DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol to prepared surfaces as described above. ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES AND EYE WEAR when using DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol. Always use NIOSH/MSHA approved air supplied respirator.

For best results, apply when surface temperature and air temperature are between 50-85F. Apply only in moderate to dry atmospheric conditions (i.e. 70% humidity or lower).

Shake can for at least one minute after listening for rattle or mixing ball. During application, shake can intermittently for approximately 10 seconds at 1 to 2 minute intervals.

Press valve all the way down. Do not extend finger beyond the valve. Hold can about 8 to 12 inches from surface to be sprayed. Do not cover with continuous spray. Move back and forth, releasing spray-head after stroke. Overlap each stroke.

If spray-head clogging develops, turn spray-head 1/4 turn or remove and clean spray-head. Do not stick pin or other objects in to can opening. With spray-head pointed away from you, reinsert spray-head with gentle twisting motion.

IMPORTANT: Apply thin coats rather than heavy coats. If paint runs or sags, paint is being applied too heavily or paint can is too close to surface.

Apply 1-2 thin covering coats for general automotive applications. For marine or industrial applications, apply a minimum of 2-3 thin covering coats.

Re-coating can be done once first or consecutive coat is dry-to-touch. For best results, always apply coats consecutively within 15 minutes of each coat curing or after 48 hours.

Full cure is usually achieved within 48 hours.

NOTE: Flow and gloss are increased with multiple coats. For maximum gloss, apply 4 passes (single coat), wait 10-15 minutes, then apply 4 more passes (another single coat). Repeat as needed. To clear spray-head for future use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 seconds.


Clean Up:

Use KBS #1 Thinner, lacquer thinner, or Xylene for immediate clean up.

IMPORTANT: Remember DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol must be cleaned up before it dries. DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol cannot be removed by any solvent once cured. Always wear protective gloves to avoid skin contact and temporary staining. If skin contact accidentally occurs, immediately remove with #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner followed by soap and water.


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