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What Others are Saying about KBS Coatings

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Tank Sealer: Works Better 2/10/2011

...KBS coatings. Its a three part kit, you have to remove the tank and seal it up tight. I used a pipe plug for the filler and made a rubber gasket for where the petcock goes. The first chemical is an acid wash, rinse then use the aqua clean to neutralize the ech. Last part has to be done on a bone dry tank or you will have to start over. I used a hot air gun, your wifes blow drier will not get hot enough. The final part is a coating.

Its like 'name ommitted' or cream but works better. I did the tank on my 74 CB 750 and it came out super nice. I even spilled some of the chemical on a fresh paint job and started to freak out. But KBS did not ruin the paint. The product is used alot on marine plications and the kit they sell for cycles is about $30. A bargan compaired to a tank replacement. Follow the instructions. One last thing the final coating must cure for a week, so patience is key. If you try and use it too soon..well you know..more $$ and frustration.

-rm56 on Single Over-Head Cam 4 Forums

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Tank Sealer: The tank came out perfect 1/27/2011

The service was excellent and the product did exactly what it was advertized to do. I followed the step by step process and the tank came out perfect.

Captain Rick, Two Fish Charters

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Tank Sealer: Great Product 1/26/2011

You have a great product. It works and looks factory . I'm sold on this product. Thanks!

-Bob Higgins, Langhorne Pa.

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Frame Coater Kit: It Worked GREAT 1/26/2011

Dear KBS people,

The frame of my 49 effie is completely covered with your gloss black frame sealer. It looks great. I also used your gas tank sealer on the gas tank of my 78 alfa spider, and that also turned out great. someone wanted $500 to seal the tank, are you kidding me! Keep up the good work and I will be getting some engine color in the future.

Thank you
Mr. JP Auger

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pmcmain on mgexperience.net says... 1/25/2011

I like the products from KBS coatings. http://www.kbs-coatings.com/ They sell paints like 'another brand' for general painting and also engine paint and high temp paint for manifolds. They have other products like paint stripper and tank cleaners.

Motor Coater - Engine Paint

For the engine they recommend a 3 step process of degreasing, then rust removal and finally the paint. That is what I did when I got my engine back from the machine shop. The engine was pretty clean since I had degreased and power washed it before removing from the car. I feel the prep steps are important to totally remove any oils and surface rust before painting. I went with the satin black to match the original engine paint on a '72. It turned out to be more like semi-gloss in my opinion. The exhaust manifold was done in their cast gray high-temp paint.

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Frame Coater Kit: "...great products that does the job and will standup..." 1/21/2011

Dear KBS Coatings,
In the fall of 2009 I purchased a Frame Coater Kit. My neighbor has a landscaping business and also does snow removal. After sandblasting a chemical spreader frame that attaches to the rear of one of his trucks I used the Frame Coater Kit to clean, rust blast and seal the frame. Last winter here in central Virginia was one of the most snowy ones on record so the frame saw a lot of hard use in wet, freezing, salt and chemical application. I looked at the frame yesterday and it looks almost as good as it did when I first applied the rust sealer. The paint had dulled, which is normal and there were a few nicks and scratches where the frame had been hit by hard objects. From what I see you have a great products that does the job and will standup to a harsh environment. Thank you KBS Coatings.
Robert Adams

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RustSeal .. "You can brush it on and it smooths out/fills in most small holes." 1/13/2011

Sixtoes1313 says, "As far as the KBS- Seems to be holding up great. Its a glossy finish that seems to take some abuse. You can brush it on and it smooths out/fills in most small holes. I'm very happy with it."

See the Entire Thread HERE: http://www.montecarloss.com/community/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=846918&page=12

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