Which Tank Sealer Kit or How Much Do I Need?

Use this Guide to help determine which Tank Sealer Kit you should order or how much KBS Klean, RustBlast and Gold Standard Tank Sealer you should order.

This Guide is for most tanks including Gas Tanks, Diesel Tanks, Fiberglass Tanks, Tractor Gas Tanks, Oil Tanks, Utility Tanks and Non-potable Water Tanks.. Gold Standard may be used on steel, aluminum, and fiberglass tanks.

Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Coverage will vary based on application, condition of tank, substrate of tank, and other factors.

Tank Size & What We Suggest

5 gallons or less

Cycle Tank Sealer Kit

Cycle Tank Sealer *PLUS* Kit
(If you have a Previous Coating)

5 - 12 gallons

Large Cycle Tank Sealer PLUS Kit

Large Cycle Tank Sealer
*PLUS* Kit

(If you have a Previous Coating)

12 - 25 gallons

50 - 100 gallons

1 Gallon KBS Klean
1 Gallon RustBlast
1 Gallon Gold Standard Tank Sealer

100 - 125 gallons

125 - 150 gallons

150 - 200 gallons

2 Gallons KBS Klean
2 Gallons RustBlast
2 Gallons Gold Standard Tank Sealer

**Larger than 200? Please give us a call (219-263-0073) and we will
help you order the correct quantity.