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Motor Coater Kit

Motor Coater Kit

As every painting professional knows, the keys to any long lasting paint job are good surface prep and the use of quality materials. Our complete KBS Motor Coater Kit was developed to guarantee just that! Your engine will be a show stopper at this DIY price...too bad it's kept under the hood!

Part #: 580

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Available Colors: Chevy Orange, Gloss Black, Aluminum, Ford Corporate Blue, T-Bird Red, Pontiac Metallic Blue, White, Street Hemi Orange, Fire Red, Ford Dark Blue, Daytona Yellow, Velvet Black, Ford Green, Chrysler Blue, Cadillac Dark Blue, Race Hemi Orange, Olds Gold, Olds Bronze, Chevy Blue,Pontiac Light Blue, Buick Green Late, Buick Red Late, MG Green, Buick Turquoise, Chrysler Turquoise, Austin Healey Moss Green Metallic, MG Maroon, Chevy Grey, Chevy Dark Charcoal,64-67 Rampart Red,68 Caravelle Metallic Blue,69-72 AMC Engine Metallic Blue,73-81 AMC Engine Blue,Torch Red

Motor Coater Kit Overview

Motor Coater Kit - Engine Enamel and Engine Paint

As every painting professional knows, the keys to any long lasting paint job are good surface prep and the use of quality materials. Our complete KBS Motor Coater Kit was developed to guarantee just that!

Included in each kit is our renowned KBS products KBS Klean & RustBlast formulated to achieve that professional prep ensuring maximum adhesion. And finally, our KBS Motor Coater Engine Enamel will provide that tough durable finish with superior heat & chemical resistance.

Motor Coater is easy to apply, offers superb coverage and yields a self-leveling professional looking finish. Your engine will be a show stopper at this DIY price...too bad it's kept under the hood!

Motor Coater Kit Features

Motor Coater Kit - Engine Enamel and Engine Paint
  • Fast-drying
  • High Performance
  • Extremely High Gloss
  • High Quality Acrylic Enamel
  • Brush Marks Flow Out
  • Withstands Temperatures up to 450°F
  • Matches OEM Standards
  • Will Not Blister, Flake, Crack or Peel
  • Oil, Transmission Fluid and Gas Resistant
  • Great for Brake Calipers Too!
  • A Pint is Usually Enough to do an Entire Engine



Motor Coater Kit Applications

Car • Tractor • Boat • Motorcycle • ATV • Lawn Mower • Power Plants • Chainsaws

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Motor Coater Kit Directions & Technical Information

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Motor Coater Kit Contents

  • Quart - KBS Klean
  • Quart - RustBlast
  • Pint/Quart - Motor Coater (any color)
  • 8oz. - #1 Thinner
  • Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Brush
  • Stir Stick
  • Complete and Detailed Instructions

Motor Coater Kit Colors













Chevy Orange Gloss Black Aluminum Ford Corporate
T-Bird Red Pontiac Metallic Blue













White Street
Hemi Orange
Fire Red Ford Dark
Daytona Yellow Velvet Black













Ford Green Chrysler Blue Cadillac
Dark Blue
Hemi Orange
Olds Gold Olds Bronze













Chevy Blue Pontiac
Light Blue
Buick Green Buick Red MG Green Buick Turquoise













Austin Healey Moss
Green Metallic
MG Maroon Chevy Grey Chevy
Dark Charcoal
64-67 Rampart Red













68 Caravelle Metallic Blue 69-72 AMC Engine Metallic Blue 73-81 AMC Engine Blue Torch Red    

Chevy Orange: 55', 57'-75' V-8"s
T-Bird Red: OEM engine color, not body color.
Ford Corporate Blue: 67'-on with 302 Engine
Pontiac Metallic Blue: 66'-72'
Street Hemi Orange: 66'-71' 426 Street Hemis, 70'-71' 383 & 440 Hi-Performance, 70'-71' 340
Race Hemi Orange: 62'-64' 413 & 426 Max Wedge, 64'-65' 426 Race Hemis
Ford Dark Blue: 41'-48'
Chrysler Blue: 73'-83'
Olds Gold: 64'-67' 330 CI & 68'-76' 350 CI
Olds Bronze: 65'-69' 400 CI
Cadillac Dark Blue: 49'-76'
Chevy Blue: 54'-62' 6 Cylinder & 53' Auto
Pontiac Light Blue: 59'-65'
Buick Green Late: 53'-65'
Buick Red Late: 66'-71'
MG Green: 45'-48' TC Engine & Firewall
Buick Turquoise: All 42'-52' & some 53' Spec
Chrysler Turquoise: All 383-440 Big Block / 62'-71'

*Colors will vary based on your monitor settings.

Motor Coater Before/After Picture

Engine Paint - Engine Enamel - Caliper Paint

Motor Coater Kit Part Numbers

Chevy Orange #58001 Chevy Blue #58019
Gloss Black #58002 Pontiac Light Blue #58020
Aluminum #58003 Buick Green #58021
Ford Corporate Blue #58004 Buick Red #58022
T-Bird Red #58005 MG Green #58023
Pontiac Metallic Blue #58006 Buick Turquoise #58024
White #58007 Chrylser Turquoise #58025
Street Hemi Orange #58008 Austin Healey Moss Green Metallic #58026
Fire Red #58009 MG Maroon #58027
Ford Dark Blue #58010 Chevy Grey #58028
Daytona Yellow #58011 Chevy Dark Charcoal #58029
Velvet Black #58012 64-67 Rampart Red #58030
Ford Green #58013 68 Caravelle Metallic Blue #58031
Chrysler Blue #58014 69-72 AMC Engine Metallic Blue #58032
Cadillac Dark Blue #58015 73-81 AMC Engine Blue #58033
Race Hemi Orange #58016 Torch Red #58038
Olds Gold #58017    
Olds Bronze #58018    
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