KBS Premium Body Filler may be applied on KBS 2K DTM Build Primer, steel, electrozinc-coated, galvanized, aluminum or polyester surfaces. Do not apply on thermoplastic finishes and Wash Primers.


Do not apply if surface temperature is below 45ºF (7ºC) or above 110ºF (43ºC), or if the surface temperature is within 5ºF of the dew point. At a minimum, the surface should be clean of all grease, dirt, oil, rust, and foreign material which would be detrimental to proper adhesion and desired performance of the coating system being applied.

Clean off any loose debris, grease, oil, gasoline, rust, or dirt from surface. KBS Klean is the ideal surface prep. Sand with P40 to P80 as needed.

Please be sure after you rinse the surface and be sure the surface is 100% dry.


On a clean mixing surface, measure 100 parts base. Add 2-3 parts activator.

Mix the KBS Premium Body Filler to a uniform color. Spread on the mixing surface, being sure to break any air bubbles that were introduced during mixing.

Apply a thin layer of KBS Premium Body Filler using steady pressure to ensure maximum adhesion being sure to “wet out” the surface completely. Apply additional filler in layers, building up the damaged area higher than the surrounding surface. Maximum KBS Premium Body Filler thickness should not exceed 1/4 inch. Allow curing time of 30 minutes.

Sand the filler with this sequence: P40, P80, P180. Note: If more filler is needed blow off with clean dry compressed air.


Clean up with a KBS #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner before the it hardens. Wear protective gloves to avoid skin contact.


Store the product in a ventilated place far from direct exposure to sunlight. Keep between 40°F and 90°F.