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This incredible all-purpose self-etching-primer is ideal for promoting adhesion between multiple surface coatings (including applications of topcoats or primers over cured RustSeal) in addition to priming bare metals such as steel, brass, aluminum, and most hard plastics.

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KBS 2K DTM Build Primer and Surfacer features exceptional high build and direct-to-metal properties. KBS 2K DTM Build Primer is light grey and offers exceptionally soft sanding, both wet or dry, within short dry times. KBS 2K DTM Build Primer provides maximum gloss holdout, eliminates sand scratch swelling, and promotes excellent adhesion. Base and Activator are included!

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KBS Fusion FPP - Flexible Plastics Primer is a grey flexible surface primer ideal for promoting adhesion between flexible surfaces like plastics, urethanes, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber and most varieties of Topcoats. KBS Fusion Flexible Plastics Primer coats fast and easy providing a tight bond for superior paint adhesion and is ideal for hard-to-paint surfaces.

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