Surface to be treated should be free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants. The cleaner the surface, the more effective RustBlast will work. Note: RustBlast is more effective when the surface temperature and ambient temperature is warmer (within the suggested working temperature).

Scrape off any loose rust, mill scale, paint, etc. and clean with a WATER-BASED cleaner/degreaser like KBS Klean. Avoid any solvent-based cleaners as they can leave an invisible residue which can intefere with paint adhesion and appearance.

Liberally apply RustBlast FULL-STRENGTH to a DRY surface using a spray bottle, brush, roller, or backpack sprayer for larger applications.

Re-apply often and as needed to keep the surface wet for a minimum of 30 minutes for smooth or lightly rusted surfaces, 40-60 minutes for moderately rusted surfaces and 1-2 hours for heavily rusted or corroded surfaces. DO NOT allow surface to dry.

After treatment, rinse thoroughly with water and then allow surface to dry completely.

For removal of light corrosion or etching of non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium, brass, copper), prepare surface as above and apply RustBlast for 10-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water and allow surface to dry completely.


NOTE: Once dry, RustBlast leaves a slight powder residue which is the zinc phosphate coating. Items treated with RustBlast should typically be coated within 7 days. Ideal working temperature 55-90˚F.


1) Why is there a white powdery substance left over after I rinse off the RustBlast?
The slight white powdery residue is zinc phosphate and RustBlast leaves that behind because it aids in adhesion of coatings such as RustSeal.

2) Can I use RustBlast when applying paints other then RustSeal?
Yes. RustBlast works very well as a metal prep and etch for most paints.

3) Can I use RustBlast to remove rust from equipment and tools?
Yes. Soak the tool or equipment for 30 minutes to 24 hours and rinse it off with water using a scotch brite pad. You will be left with rust free tools and equipment.

4) Do I really have to rinse off the RustBlast with water?
Yes. It is important to rinse before the RustBlast dries to avoid a heavy layer of zinc phosphate.

KBS Rust Blast