How to Properly Stir RustSeal

Because paints typically sits on a shelf for a period of time before the end user gets around to their project, stirring paint before use is a very critical step to a successful paint job no matter what coating you are using including the rust prevention coatings, clear coats, 1k top coats and 2K top coats from KBS Coatings. This video shows you the correct way to stir paints.

Proper stirring of all paints is very important for the best uniform sheen and finish. Stir paint thoroughly for several minutes to obtain an even mixture. Effective stirring includes repeatedly touching bottom of can and lifting to disperse any settled pigments and/or matting agents. Placing paint can upside down for a short time before opening and stirring will aid with proper mixing. An upside down can also be gently shaken prior to stirring. Avoid violent or excessive shaking motions which produce air bubbles that will adversely affect seal and finish. Do not substitute shaking for stirring.

RustSeal is a superior single part, ready-to-use, rust preventive coating.

RustSeal is impervious to road salts and most every chemical.

RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough ceramic-like coating that is tough to chip or scratch, and will not crack or peel.

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